Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Laurie & David!

Oh Boy! David, you wanted some vegetable funkiness, and you got it! And, for the first time ever, Fleur De Vie used the color blocking technique. Laurie showed us a picture where the dinner tables had three different colored centerpieces, each with one colored flower. Well, we decided to do the same, just in one centerpiece, using orange, purple and green flowers. Oh, and it was our first time using tomatillos, soo soo cute! The people at our local produce store think we have produce fetish issues (I believe it started with the bloody mary celery arrangement (pictured below)). And, yes, sometimes, we do feel silly stacking heads of lettuce, and staring at eggplant for inspiration, but well, such is the price we pay for inspired and innovative exotic floral designs!

Laurie & David, you were both soo nice and Fleur De Vie wishes you both the best of luck!