Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fleur De Vie at the Macy's Flower Show San Francisco Union Square!!!

This weekend only Fleur De Vie will have its design displayed at the Macy's Flower Show at San Francisco Union Square!  The theme this year was Brazil!  Lush, tropical and exotic!

Here's the gown I designed using purple ti leaves, birds nest leaves, and drascena leaves with a hypericum berry necklace.

Here's another view.  Check out the little dog on the bottom left of the design.  The gown has a commodore petticoat under the purple ti leaf skirt.  Also, she's has some amazing strappy heals made with ti leaf stalks and cut leaf.

And, you can't have a gown without a mushroom, orchid, succulent, and date bustle!

Oh, and a little parrot resting on a large fiddle head fern on a plate of blue glass peeking out behind the design!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Lamb at de Young Museum on ABC 7 News!!!

Don't miss this wonderful event happening now through Saturday!!!  And, don't miss our little lamb for the De Peyester Painter, Maria Maytilda Winkler.  Clink on the link below to see our lamb and an ABC 7 segment about the exhibit!  Don't miss this!!!

Fleur De Vie on 7Live Making Watermelon Arrangements!

This was a blast!  Make watermelon arrangements!  They're easy and inexpensive!  Watch the segment to lear how!!!!